CDR Data Analysis Software News

Our software supports multi-CDR Analyzes; means you can add multiple CDR files one by one and track all suspected numbers from CDR files by link investigation.
We endue best and advanced CDR Analysis Software that deeply searches data by Numbers, IMEI and First Cell. All these options are enhanced way for searching and investigate crime numbers and individuals.
We promise to search for every conceivable bit of data by searching Max. Call, Max. Duration, Max. IMEI and Max. Tower.
CDR Data Analysis Software facilities to take information concerning to Cell/Tower as Single Cell information, Multi-Cell Information and Lat-Long Cell information.
We offer to analyses the call records by selection of operator; as per the conveniences you can analyze Call data by operator selection and operator mode.
CDR Data Analysis Software easily tracks Tower Information by lat-long with 66+ Map viewers. You can locate cell tower according to “Mobile operator” and “Circle Area”. Software will ask about the “Lat”, “Log” and Kilometers distance to reach the proximate tower according to Selection of Mobile operator and Circle Area.

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